How it works

A fresh and affordable food box packed with delicious local produce is delivered right to your door or local collection point on a regular basis.

How ordering and delivery works



MAKE AN ACCOUNT WITH US AND SUBSCRIBE TO A WEEKLY "YOU CHOOSE" BOX. This means we will keep an empty box aside for you to fill whenever you want a delivery. Subscribing weekly keeps you on our weekly mailout to inform you of all the new fresh produce coming in, which changes every week. You create your own unique box, when you need it. You don't have to order every week but we do have some products that you can ‘subscribe & set' if you want to make sure some fruit & veg appears each week. We'll email you every Thursday evening to let you know what's new as the beautiful kaleidoscope of seasonal produce turns.



LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT: Set your own password and add a credit or debit card of your choice to your account (just like you might with major online companies like Amazon etc) This allows payments to happen automatically - ALWAYS AFTER DELIVERY.



CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT: Go to the PRODUCTS SECTION and choose just what you would like! Make sure you are logged in to your account. Make sure you save everything you want to choose Use the SUBSCRIBE & SET facility to guarantee a delivery every week without having to remember to place an order. IF YOU DO NOT NEED AN ORDER ONE WEEK SIMPLY MAKE SURE YOUR BASKET IS EMPTY AND NOTHING WILL BE DELIVERED OR CHARGED FOR



CONFIRMATION AND PACKING: ORDERS ARE FINALISED ON SUNDAYS. AN ORDER CONFIRMATION IS SENT BY EMAIL SUNDAY EARLY EVENING. Check through your confirmation to make sure what you had ordered is showing - email immediately if anything looks amiss. We will carefully pack your choosen items on Tuesday for a Tuesday/Wednesday delivery depending on your postcode area. A collection option is available at our Lamas hub, North Norfolk, on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.



DELIVERY: Delivered to your door or local collection point Your order is delivered the same day of the week to help you plan your meals. Delivery is free for orders at or over £50.00, otherwise a £3.00 delivery fee applies.

"The people at Folland Organics are hugely knowledgable about what they sell and the ethics of organic growing. We feel that we are part of a community that cares about the Earth when we buy from Folland Organics."

— Clive Sexton

How payment works

Box subscriptions are paid for in advance.

Flexible credit

If you change your order after payment, that's fine — it just means you'll have a small debt or credit on your account.

We'll be in touch

Once you are out of credit we charge you for the next cycle. We always email before we charge.

Easy to manage

You can change your order details and payment method easily and at any time via your personal dashboard

Get started!

Your first box is only a few clicks away. Get a box of fresh, local food in your kitchen soon, packed with care and supporting your local farmers and artisan producers.